Congratulations on becoming an Odyssey3D Forge user! We’re super excited to see how you customise your new virtual Shopify store. 

Say goodbye to standard layouts and hello to a unique shopping experience that truly reflects your brand’s bright personality. 

If you’re wondering how to make the most out of Odyssey3D Forge’s virtual store customisation features, you’re in the perfect place!

Let’s take a look at how to use Forge’s enhanced features…

Step 1: Access the features

To let the fun begin, open up your Odyssey3D dashboard and navigate to the ‘Themes’ tab. 

Then, click on your chosen layout and hit ‘Customise’! 

Step 2: Add your own 3D models

With Odyssey3D Forge, you can display whatever you wish, wherever you wish. 

You can use the 3D model tool to add decor and furniture to your virtual space or to upload 3D versions of your products. That way, your customers can get a full 360-degree view of what they’re buying!

Select the ‘Upload 3D Models’ icon in the top right-hand corner. (It looks like a little cube!). To upload your brand’s 3D assets, select ‘Choose File’ and choose the model you want to display. 

💡 PRO-TIP: Your 3D model must be a .glb file, and your assets must not exceed 15 MB. 

Once uploaded, it’s time to play architect! Select your desired model from the list and click the floor where you want to place it. 

Poof! It’s just like magic. Your 3D model will materialise right in front of you. 

Position your model using Forge’s intuitive sliders. Want to tilt it just so? Rotate away! Need to make it pop? Why not make it huge! Adjust the size, placement and rotation to fit your ideal vision. 

Once you’re satisfied, hit ‘Update’ to cement your masterpiece.

Step 3: Set the mood with ambient music

Ah, music to our ears! With Odyssey3D Forge, you can enhance the ambience of your virtual store by adding some soul-stirring tunes. 

Click the ‘Music’ icon in the top right-hand corner to view your options. You can choose a song from our carefully curated playlist or, if you want to take more creative control, select ‘Choose File’ to upload your own music.

💡 PRO-TIP: Your file must be in .mp3 format, with a maximum size of 5 MB! 

How do you want your customers to feel when they enter your store? Choose an upbeat melody to get them tapping their toes, or choose a more soothing sound to invite them to linger a little longer. 

Using music adds an extra layer of immersion to your virtual oasis! 

Step 4: Infuse your brand’s personality with custom textures

Now that your virtual space is taking shape let’s sprinkle some more personality into the mix! After all, it’s the little details that make the biggest difference. 

Select the ‘Interior Studio’ icon in the top right-hand corner to get started. We’re not playing architect anymore—it’s time to put on your interior design cap. 

The interior studio tool lets you change the colours and materials of any element in your virtual store. You can change the walls, the floors and even some pieces of furniture. 

With the interior studio tool open, click on the virtual store element you’d like to customise. If you wish to change the colour, select ‘Tint’ and navigate to the colour palette. You can move the slider around to find your desired tone directly or type in colour codes.

Interested in scrapping the original material altogether? No problem! Select ‘Texture’ and upload your custom material. 

💡 PRO-TIP: You can upload a PNG or JPEG, but ensure it’s less than 1 MB! 

Whether you want a rustic wooden finish, a sleek marble look, or a wallpaper made up of your logos, the choice is yours! 

Adjust the size to perfection, and select ‘Update’ to save your changes. 

Looking for interior design inspo? Check out this blog: Maximising your virtual store’s impact with interior design… 

Step 5: Curate your collection

In Odyssey3D Roam, your displayed products are picked randomly and change every time a new visitor enters the store. But with Odyssey3D Forge? You can select exactly which products (Or collections!) you wish to display. 

If you’ve got a sale you’d like to showcase or a new collection you want to spotlight, open the Odyssey3D dashboard and navigate to the ‘Inventory’ tab. 

From there, you’ll be able to update your products in real time as often as you see fit. If you don’t like to choose, simply press ‘Auto Selection’ for a randomised product selection. 

So, what are the benefits of virtual store customisation?

Check out some of Odyssey3D Forge’s unique benefits… 

Brand consistency: Customising the visual elements of your virtual store allows you to keep your branding on point! Reinforce your signature style and maintain your brand identity, ensuring you’re always recognisable. 

A unique brand experience: You can tailor the design and aesthetics of your 3D space to reflect your brand’s personality. When your customers visit, you can be sure they’re getting an experience they won’t find anywhere else! 

Flexibility: Whether you’ve got a hot new drop or you’re holding a spontaneous sale, Odyssey3D Forge makes it easy to tweak the visuals in your store to reflect your latest moves.

By investing in Forge, you can create a more compelling and memorable brand experience for your customers, ultimately driving engagement, loyalty, and sales!

Wrapping up…

From personalised 3D assets to bespoke textures, ambient melodies and curated products, every aspect of your virtual space can reflect your brand’s unique identity. Odyssey3D Forge is your best friend when it comes to Shopify store customisation

So, go ahead and let your imagination run wild. The 3D e-commerce world is yours! You have the power to craft a virtual space so great it leaves a long-lasting impression on every visitor. 

Let’s make your virtual space truly yours. Happy customising! 🚀