So, you’re interested in 3D e-commerce? Well, look no further; you’re in the right place. 

3D e-commerce is the perfect solution to upping your engagement and setting your store miles apart from the crowded market. 

But as an SMB, cost is everything. Paying a developer thousands and thousands to build a virtual store just isn’t feasible. 

Why should 3D e-commerce only be accessible to the big brands? 

We’ll let you in on a little secret: It’s not. 

It’s possible to create and add a virtual store to your website for free.

Meet Odyssey3D

Odyssey3D is a groundbreaking Shopify plug-in that integrates a fully functional 3D store into your existing 2D website. 

What does an Odyssey3D store look like? We’ll show you. 

What sets Odyssey3D apart?

Odyssey3D will set your store apart from the crowd, but what sets our app apart from other virtual store builders?

Plug-in solution: Odyssey3D plugs right into your existing e-commerce store. No complicated coding or special infrastructure is required. In fact, it’s the only plug-in virtual store builder available on Shopify

Cost efficiency: Affordability is at the core of our philosophy. Did we mention that Odyssey3D is free? We did, but we’ll say it again. While major brands shell out thousands, even hundreds of thousands, to run virtual stores, you can pay nothing and still reap the same unparalleled benefits. 

Whether you’re a learning entrepreneur or an established enterprise, Odyssey3D offers immersive 3D shopping experiences without the hefty price tag. 

A time-saving solution: Time is the most valuable currency, especially for SMBs. That’s why it’s possible to set up Odyssey3D in seconds. With a diverse range of pre-designed 3D store layouts to choose from, we’ve taken the guesswork out of customisation so that you can hit the ground running! 

Don’t just take it from us; look at what our users say!

How to set up your FREE Shopify virtual store…

1. Open the Shopify app store and type in ‘Odyssey3D’.

Or, for a shortcut, click this link!

2. Download the app and open the Odyssey3D dashboard. Hit the ‘Get Started’ button.

3. Select your Odyssey3D plan.

Struggling to choose? Let’s take a look at the different features… 

Odyssey3D Roam

If you’re new to the world of 3D e-commerce, Odyssey3D’s free plan, Roam, is the perfect place to start. 

With a selection of ready-made layouts tailored to every industry and season and automated product linking, setting up a basic virtual store takes no time at all. 

You can add your logo and tagline, as well as switch between colour combinations to ensure the 3D layout matches your branding.

Odyssey3D Forge

If you’re looking for further customisation, Odyssey3D’s ProLite plan Forge is built for your brand.

At just $10/month, here are some of the features that you unlock: 

  • Interior Studio: Upload your own wallpapers and take total control over the colours and textures used in your virtual store layout. Own a ballet brand? Turn everything pink! 
  • Upload 3D Models: What do you want in your virtual store? The options are limitless. Decorate your store with your desired furniture or upload giant versions of your products. 
  • Custom Product Selection: Choose precisely what goes where. Got a fabulous summer selection to showcase? Or a crazy flash sale you’d like to prioritise? 
  • Ambient Music: That’s right. With Odyssey3D Forge, you can set the tone for your virtual store. Upload your own music or choose from our curated playlist. It’s just like physical shopping, but better! 

Ready to head to the next step? 

4. Add your personal touch.

Now that you’ve selected your perfect plan, it’s time to customise your 3D store and upload your brand assets. 

Upload your logo and add your unique tagline. These will both be displayed at the entrance of your virtual store. For the best results, we recommend uploading your logo as a .PNG or .JPG with a transparent background. 

5. Now for the fun part!

…Are we allowed to have a favourite part? Because this is it. 

It’s time to choose your virtual store’s new look. To save time, you can filter all the different layouts by category, season or size! 

Selling space-age comics? Transport your readers to a different universe!

What about high-end fashion? Immerse your customers in pure luxury. They’ll never want to leave! 

If you’ve chosen to upgrade your Odyssey3D to Forge, you can also customise your store layouts with 3D assets, ambient music and the Interior Studio tool. 

If you’d like to preview any stores, simply press ‘Preview’, and a new tab with the layout will open. You can even share the link with your friends and family and let them vote on their favourite store!

Found your dream layout? Click ‘Select’.

6. Add the app block to your website.

Your virtual store is ready for customers, so now it’s time to take it live! 

Open your Shopify theme editor and hover over where you’d like to add your virtual store segment. 

Press the ‘plus’ button, and head to the apps tab. Select ‘Odyssey3D’ and then save your changes.

The customisation doesn’t stop there. Take a look at this blog to find out how you can ensure your virtual store block fits in seamlessly with the rest of your website: How to brand Odyssey3D on your website…

Wrapping up…

Odyssey3D is built for SMBs looking to set themselves apart and create shareable shopping journeys. And if you think we’re missing any features you’d love to see, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re always looking for ways to improve our app so that it can better fit into your business strategies. 

So, are you ready to take the next step? The metaverse is calling…