So, you’re looking to boost your customer engagement, enhance your marketing and increase your overall sales? Owning a virtual store is the perfect place to start. But once you’ve got one, how can you ensure you’re fully maximising its potential? This might sound like a bizarre answer, but hear us out: Your virtual store’s ✨interior design✨

Before we dive into the details, why don’t you start with step 1: 

See you in 5 minutes! (Or less)…

1. Pick a suitable store design

You’ve downloaded the Odyssey3D app, uploaded your unique brand assets, and now you’re considering which layout will be your new look. 

There is a ready-made room for every type of business, whether you own a trendy T-shirt line or a sustainable skincare collection. 

The crucial element is ensuring your virtual store evokes the feelings you want your customers to associate with your brand. Consider the narrative that you’d like to convey… 

Do you want your customers to feel enthralled in a world of luxury, so they’ll pay the premium price?

Or do you want to immerse them in a vibrant, lush jungle so they feel connected to the environment and your eco-friendly products?  

The right store design doesn’t just establish a visually appealing layout; it communicates your brand’s story and resonates with your customers. 

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2. Red, green, purple, blue…

Let’s talk about colours. 

Did you know that colours influence 85% of shoppers’ purchase decisions, and they have the power to increase brand awareness by 80%?  

Colours are so important that some companies even patent them. 

Tiffany’s iconic egg blue cannot be used by any other jewellery company. And what about the colour of your favourite Cadbury’s chocolate bar? Yep, the purple is trademarked. We’ve all got Barbie fever, but if your brand is selling dolls or accessories, don’t even think about using Barbie pink. 

But what’s all this got to do with your virtual store? Well, using colour effectively in your store interior could be the difference between a browsing customer and a buying one. 

Let’s look at the psychology of colour because, yes – that is a real thing. 

Colour psychology

Red is associated with intense emotions, such as anger, sexuality and passion. Possessing a vibrant and energetic essence, it is known to increase desire. Interestingly, in some Asian countries, red symbolises happiness, well-being and luck. When thinking about using colours, always bear in mind the significance they hold in the cultural context of your audience. 

Pink is a hue that whispers of romance, innocence and femininity. However, the meaning of the colour can shift depending on its intensity. Light pink tends to be aimed at younger girls as it evokes a sweet, soft feeling. Hot pink is seen as an energetic colour. 

Orange radiates warmth, energy and creativity. It is typically associated with fun, confidence or the literal fruit orange. Think of Fanta, Tropicana, SunnyD… Now we’re thirsty. 

Yellow is the colour of sunshine, so of course it symbolises positivity, happiness and intellect. What more needs to be said?

Light Green brings the outdoors inside. This colour is associated with growth, harmony and nature. It creates an environment that promotes serenity and balance

Dark Green exudes stability, wealth and prestige; at the end of the day, what colour is money? 

Blue is a soothing colour. It has the power to quieten your mind, enhance your concentration, and create a peaceful, beachy atmosphere. What’s the biggest blue thing you know? The sea—or the sky, depending on where you live! 

Purple… royalty, luxury, and mystery. It sounds like our kind of novel. Purple is perfect if you want to target a more female audience: Women list purple as a top-tier colour. But for men, it doesn’t even rank. So think about your audience.

Brown is rooted in earthiness. Like the ground beneath our feet, this colour creates a stable foundation and connection to the natural world. 

White emits simplicity. Purity. This colour brings clarity to spaces, creating a calm and clean atmosphere. 

Black embodies elegance and power. It is a timeless hue that adds a touch of drama and depth to any setting.

Multicolour represents a kaleidoscope of emotions and creativity! It’s a pure celebration of diversity and freedom. 

Now that we’ve bombarded you with colour information, let’s put it to use…

Strategic colour application

With the launch of Odyssey3D Forge, ProLite users can now access our ‘Interior Studio’ tool. 

The Interior Studio tool gives you exclusive access to change the colours and textures of every element in your virtual store. Don’t like the colour of the sofa? No problem. Just change it!

Here’s some ideas on how you can use the Interior Studio tool combined with your newly found knowledge of colour to maximise your virtual store’s impact.

  • Use your brand identity: If you’re struggling for ideas, look at what’s right in front of you. Your own brand! Use your brand colours to decorate your store. Perhaps you could even use your logo as wallpaper on an accent wall… 
  • Zone with colour: Not interested in using your own colours? We understand! How do you feel about taking the scientific approach? You can use different tones of colour to establish and define different areas of your store. For example, you can use warmer-toned colours at the entrance to create a welcoming atmosphere. Using cooler tones like blues and greens around your products creates a more calming atmosphere. 
  • Put your products first: Think about the colours of your products. You can use contrasting colours to highlight specific products. If your products are more vibrant and colourful, consider placing them against a neutral backdrop so they pop out at your customers.
  • Play on emotions: Let’s not forget about all our wonderful colour psychology. Who is your target audience, and what is the type of environment you’d like to create? If you’re a toy store, using bright, vibrant colours would create a playful, energetic atmosphere. In contrast, if you want your customers to feel as though they’re in a spa, try calming light greens to promote relaxation. 
  • Seasonal shifts: Use the weather as your inspiration! Promoting a summer collection? Try light blues, soft pinks or cool greens.

💡 Just remember: Balance is key. Don’t overdo it! 

Odyssey3D Forge doesn’t just let you change the colours. You can also upload your own textures. Not into the wood? Change it to marble!

3. Add a personal touch

Furniture is a huge part of interior design. With Odyssey3D Forge, you have the freedom to upload your own 3D models to your virtual e-commerce store. 

Think about how you can use 3D models to showcase your brand best. 

You may want to pull a Jacquemus and import GIANT versions of your products. Or, you can import extra furniture and decorations to enhance your store atmosphere. 

Got a garden company? The more plants, the better. 

What about cosmetics? Add make-up tables and turn your space into a make-up studio. 

Selling candles? Don’t worry about how many candles you display; the only fire hazard is your store looking too fireee! 

Maximise your store’s potential and utilise 3D assets. Adding a 3D touch will make your store more memorable

Wrapping up…

We would love to see how creative you can get. If you think your virtual store is slaying, send it our way! You might even feature on our social media or in your own email case-study campaign…

Taking charge of your store’s interior design transcends aesthetics; it’s psychological. The colours, textures and objects you use in your store could be the difference between a browser and a buyer

Elevate your e-commerce game and upgrade to Odyssey3D Forge, available now!