It’s a well-known fact that one of the best ways to create brand awareness is by using a social media campaign. However, trying to figure out social media marketing can feel a lot like untangling a knotted string: the more you delve into it, the more twists and turns you encounter, making it challenging to find the right path forward.

You may ask: 

  • How do I stand out online without a vast paid media budget?
  • How do I get more traffic on my website through social media?
  • How do I get people to see my products?
  • What’s an impactful strategy I can use to increase my traffic?

Having an Odyssey3D virtual store is a great step towards boosting brand visibility. 

But to truly maximise its impact and reach? A strategic social media campaign is crucial. 

So, where do you start? 

1. Shareable store design

Before we dive into campaign planning, it’s essential that your store is optimised to your branding. 

Choose your layout

What type of business are you? 

If you’re a sustainable skincare line and your Shopify store theme is green and clean, choosing a virtual store set in a cyber-punk style city might clash with your vibe. 

Instead, try to immerse your customers in nature with Odyssey3D layouts like Spotlight Studio and Island Escape. 

Make sure your virtual store evokes the emotions that you would want your customers to associate with your brand. 

Complement your brand ethos. 

You’re about to hear this a million times, but consistency is key when it comes to social media campaigns. Your brand image must remain consistent across all your platforms, including your virtual store.

After all, a unified visual identity reinforces brand recognition! 

Perhaps you’re a high-end feminine boutique. Let your store design narrate your brand’s story. Odyssey3D’s Iridescent Glow or Luxe Boutique layouts might encapsulate your brand more than layouts like Moonbase or Ring of Tomorrow.

Curate your collection

You’ve picked your virtual store design, so now it’s time to arrange your products. 

If you’re using Odyssey3D Roam, your products are automatically selected for you. Whenever you add new products to your Shopify dashboard, Odyssey3D will update your store. 

But when you upgrade your package to Odyssey3D Forge, you have the option to handpick items. 

Perhaps you have a Valentine’s collection that you’d like to build your social media campaign around. Prioritise placing the most relevant products in your virtual store and experiment with their aesthetic placement. 

Final touches

So, is your virtual store ready to post? 

Adjust the Odyssey3D app block so it matches your website design. We’ve made it as customisable as possible. 

You can adjust the size of the experience, the font and button colours, and even upload your own cover photo. 

2. Content creation

It’s time to put your creative hat on! 

To carry out your social media campaign, you’ll need to have sleek videos and photos of your virtual store. 

The beautiful thing about having a 3D store is there’s no need for a camera or expensive lighting. You can gather all the content needed from wherever is most convenient for you. 

Filming your store

Go to the Odyssey3D dashboard and select ‘Generate Preview’. Tap on the Full Screen icon to maximise the size of the store. For best results, we recommend doing this on a laptop or desktop. 

Take plenty of screenshots of different angles of your store. Here are some examples: 

For videos, use screen-recording software like OBS Studio to capture footage of your virtual experience. 

Make sure you capture lots of different angles, as this will give you more freedom when it comes to editing your videos together. 

💡 PRO TIP: To get slower, smoother cinematic videos, you can turn down your movement speed at the bottom of the ‘Controls’ panel.

Brainstorming content

Ready to flex your creative muscles even further?  

Don’t panic if you’ve hit a roadblock; we’ve got you covered with some inspiration!

The key is to tailor your ideas to the social platforms you’re using.

TikTok: The hottest short-form video platform at the moment. Right now, on TikTok, 1+ minute videos are all the rage, and the TikTok algorithm loves them. The higher the average watch time, the better your post will perform. TikTok is a great platform for quick growth, and users love seeing unique content! What could be more unique than a virtual store?

Content Ideas: 

Pinterest: 76.2% of Pinterest users are female, which is a statistic to take note of if your target audience is women. Photo content performs best, but as most users are using the app from their phones, make sure you post using a vertical aspect ratio. Pinterest favours aesthetic content, making it a perfect platform to share your carefully curated space. 

Content Ideas: 

  • Share aesthetic details of your virtual experience.
  • ‘Swipe to Shop’. Show your products on display in your virtual store and add the links to your Pinterest post! 

YouTube: The platform for longer-form videos. A walkthrough of your store, perhaps. Or an intro into how your customers can use it. You can even repurpose any TikTok and Reel content to YouTube Shorts, so you’ll have plenty of virtual store content available! 

Facebook: A diverse range of content works well on Facebook. Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook allows you to post external links to your page very easily. PS: On your Odyssey dashboard, the ‘generate preview’ link is a shareable link! You can direct people straight to your virtual store. 

Instagram: Instagram favours 5-7 second reels. Make sure your videos are short and aesthetically appealing. Photo carousels also perform well, as users will spend more time swiping through them! 

Content Ideas:

  • Showcase the details of your virtual store in an aesthetic reel.
  • This trend as a reel: “Things in my virtual store which just ✨make sense✨”
  • Post a carousel of screenshots of your virtual store. 
  • Utilise Instagram stories to share a direct link to your virtual store. 
  • Host an Instagram poll and let your customers choose your next store design. 

3. Post-production

You’ve gathered your content, so now it’s time to enter post-production for your video content. 

TikTok, Instagram and YouTube all have in-app editors, but if you’re tight on time, it’s easier to bulk edit the content in an external app. 

We recommend editing the videos on your phone to upload them on social media easily. 

Here are some of our favourite simple editing apps: 

  • Capcut
  • iMovie
  • Canva 
  • InShot

If you’re struggling with editing, apps like Capcut have ready-made templates!

💡 PRO TIP: Whenever you export a video out of an editing app, make sure the resolution is 1080p. Avoid exporting videos at 4K, as certain social media platforms might compress the resolution for you, making your content look grainy. 

4. Share your store

It’s time to unveil your virtual experience to the world! 

Here are some of our general social media tips to ensure you’re taking full advantage of that all-important algorithm:

  • Utilise keywords related to your industry niche
  • Post consistently! And that doesn’t mean 24/7, but make sure you’re posting a couple of times a week. 
  • If you’re posting a video with a voice-over, utilise in-app captions. 
  • Use the ‘Story’ feature to interact with your audience and hold polls or surveys. 


By aligning your store with your brand identity, leveraging Odyssey3D’s features, and tailoring your content to each platform, you’ll be able to create a successful social media campaign that’ll increase your brand visibility without breaking the bank. 

A virtual store is perfect for social media: It’s different. It’s shareable. And in a world dictated by trends, consumers crave the taste of something different. Come on, be the trendsetter as an early adopter in your industry.