Virtual product showroom technology streamlines the wholesale process, reducing costs for both brands and buyers. 

Virtual showrooms let you share your collections with a click of a button and schedule virtual appointments or set up virtual fitting rooms with retail buyers. 

Depending on the software, you can share 3D product images and product videos and accept purchase orders, all within the same platform.

What is a virtual product showroom?

Virtual product showrooms are changing it all for modern brands, making it a breeze to connect and sell products online in ways that stand out from the mediocre sea of mundane consumer options. 

Say goodbye to ongoing expenses having to be thrown at physical showrooms and trade shows! With virtual showrooms, there’s no need for a physical location or samples. These smart platforms seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds.

You can easily create and organise new collections, complete with product photos, details, pricing, and delivery information. 

And your customers can pop into the showroom whenever it suits them to explore your latest products or collections digitally, and place orders all in one place. No fuss for them, more sales for you!

How to build a virtual product showroom:

  1. Open the Shopify app store
  2. Type Odyssey3D into the search bar
  3. Hit ‘download’

It’s really that simple. Then the fun of customisation and getting creative truly begins!

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What is the purpose of a virtual showroom?

From saving money to sustainability and safety all rolled into a single package deal, there are a whole host of reasons why you should consider a virtual showroom as part of your marketing strategy. 

They can also be used industry-wide: fashion, beauty, home goods, health and wellbeing, and more. 

Let’s dive right into the benefits in more detail:

1. Reduce costs and improve sustainability

Digital showrooms cut down or even eliminate the need for physical product samples, benefiting both the environment and your wallet.

That’s because they reduce time to market, allowing for a shorter development cycle so brands can react faster and reduce waste by developing products with a superior market fit. Isn’t that what sustainability in fashion should be about? Producing only what actually sells?

2. Level up your product assortment planning

Once you’ve built a digital library of products, whether through product photography or 3D images, planning your product assortments becomes as easy as Pi. 

With Odyssey3D Forge, you can easily search and add products from your library to create assortments for retail buyers to view. And unlike a physical showroom, virtual showrooms let you plan from anywhere on various devices.

3. Simplify the wholesale buying process and make ordering more efficient

With a virtual showroom app like Odyssey3D, the entire ordering process is centralised within the platform. 

For your customers, the ordering process is super speedy and straightforward. Odyssey3D centralises product details, making it easy for site visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for.

By selling virtually, you can reach more buyers in less time and shorten your sales window.

Accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, customers can explore your products and place orders at their convenience. Buyers can quickly and easily access your collections without the need for physical appointments or travel.

4. Expand your global reach

Using a virtual showroom platform allows you to share your collections with buyers worldwide without the expense of setting up physical showrooms in their region. This is particularly advantageous when expanding into new markets and can significantly boost international sales.

5. Your virtual stores are always open

Using a digital showroom platform keeps your business open 24/7. To any consumer with a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Virtual stores mean that customers can connect with their favourite brands anytime, anywhere. No more waiting for office hours or email replies to get last-minute collection content. As a variety of industries know, what is seen, sells.

Virtual showrooms best practices to drive revenue

Odyssey3D has a flexible tiered pricing system and a monthly subscription fee.

You should keep these best practices in mind while selling virtually to get the best bang for your buck.

  • Set your KPIs. Define your primary objectives so you can build your digital strategy around them. Whether it’s spending less on trade shows, increasing order values, reducing unsold stock, or shortening sales cycles, having clear goals will help you measure success.
  • Embrace a tech-first, digital mindset. Yes, you are this trendy and your brand is ready for virtual showrooms. There’s nothing more powerful for driving smart, sustainable change through great software than believing you can do it and that you’re ready to be a leader in the new technological revolution. 
  • Invest in brand content. Make your content engaging by allowing buyers to view your products from every angle. Write detailed product descriptions that answer all possible buyer questions. Include information about materials, features, pricing, origin, size options, fit, and delivery dates.
  • Share your interactive showroom experience across channels. Virtual showrooms are super shareable. Use dynamic video, 3D images, and virtual samples to provide clear, stylish views of your products across social media channels and on your website. 
  • Simplify choices for buyers. Create engaging campaigns around your bestsellers, seasonal highlights, and new product launches to help guide your customers and simplify the buying process. Consider localising product selections as you enter new markets to cater to regional preferences.

Choosing the best virtual showroom platform

There’s no doubting it: Virtual showrooms are the ultimate way for Shopify business owners to keep their stores moving forward in this exciting new technological era.

When it comes to choosing the right platform, Odyssey3D stands out above all. It’s easy to integrate with just a few clicks, offers flexible pricing tiers, and makes metaverse technology accessible to everyone. With Odyssey3D, you’ll not only streamline your operations but also stay ahead of the curve, embracing the future of retail with confidence.

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