So, you’re interested in owning a virtual store? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Virtual stores provide a myriad of benefits for SMBS.


  • Cost-friendly: One of the primary perks of running a virtual store is its cost-friendly nature. They eliminate the need for physical infrastructure, saving you from hefty overhead costs. As an SMB, this means you can channel your resources into enhancing other aspects of your business. Imagine the possibilities: You can spend more time fine-tuning your marketing strategy or consider reducing product prices for your customers!
  • Extremely engaging: Virtual stores provide 3D immersive experiences that captivate your audience for more extended periods than if they were just to visit a static landing page. Suddenly, browsing your store becomes an adventure, where the allure lies in the unpredictability. 
  • Super shareable: Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and virtual stores take it to the next level. Because of their engaging nature, they cause conversations and generate organic reach. Each virtual store has a unique link, ready to be shared on social media. 

We hear you: Does it take loads of time to set one up? Does it cost a ridiculous amount of money to set one up? Is it all too good to be true?

No, no, and NO! 

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that time is the most precious currency. So, here’s how Odyssey3D steps in to streamline the process, saving your SMB time and effort when setting up a virtual store… 

1. Speedy set-up

We purposefully created Odyssey3D as a Shopify app rather than a standalone service. Why? Because it’s easier for you! It slots right into your existing store with zero compatibility issues. 

All you have to do is open the Shopify app store, type in ‘Odyssey3D’ and hit download. 

After installing, all you’ve got to do is:  

  • Pick your pricing plan,
  • Name your space, 
  • Upload your logo, 
  • And select your layout. 

That’s it. 

2. Effortless integration

You may be wondering: ‘Speedy set-up… sounds great! But how do I actually put my products in the store?’ 

Odyssey3D reads your website data and automatically populates your virtual store with the products on your site, so there’s no need to spend your valuable time inputting information manually. Who’s got the patience for that tedium? 

The real magic of Odyssey3D lies in its seamless synchronisation with your Shopify inventory. Whenever you add new products, your virtual store instantly updates, ensuring it always reflects your latest offerings. It’s always in sync with your evolving product line-up!

And thanks to Odyssey3D’s dynamic showcase feature, each time a customer steps into your virtual space, they’ll see completely different products. This hands-free automated process ensures your virtual storefront stays on the cutting edge.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, our pro-lite upgrade of Odyssey, Forge, offers the flexibility to handpick and curate the products displayed in your virtual space.

3. Ready-made rooms

Odyssey3D simplifies the process of creating a virtual store by eliminating the need for technical skills or complex coding. You’re not building a virtual store from scratch. We’ve done the work for you, so you can benefit from our pre-built solution.

Our platform offers a diverse range of industry-relevant layouts, with ready-made rooms that cater to all business types! 

Own a high-end fashion boutique? Iridescent Glow has the luxurious feel you need. 

Selling pet products? Wags and Whiskers is the purrr-fect choice. 

What about soothing, sustainable skincare? Try Spotlight Studio. 

We’re telling you: You’ll find your perfect match. And on the 0.01% chance you don’t? Contact us, and we’ll make your virtual retail dreams come true. 

So, Odyssey3D lets you choose your layout within seconds, but we’ve also made adding your brand’s unique touch effortless. In the dashboard’s ‘Your Space’ and ‘Your Logo’ tabs, upload your logo, tagline and preferred name.

This will automatically update your store in real time. 

And if you have a little more time and are seeking further customisation, Odyssey3D Forge opens the door, enabling you to tailor your virtual store’s materials and colours. 

Establish an enticing online presence without the complexities of DIY virtual store creation. 

4. Affordable pricing plans

All of this sounds too good to be true, right? It must cost thousands, right? 

We know that when you have a smaller e-commerce business, there isn’t necessarily a lot of working capital. Competing with large brands with hundreds of thousands to throw at their marketing budgets is hard. A virtual store that costs thousands of pounds isn’t viable for the majority of us. 

That’s why one of our core values was making Odyssey3D accessible to everyone.

The Odyssey3D Roam package is the base package, and it’s completely free. 

Odyssey3D Forge is the next step up, priced at $9.99 a month. It allows you to upload 3D models of your products, add ambient music and have ultimate creative control. 

Finally, there’s Odyssey3D Apex…. Our ProMax version. At just $29.99 a month, you can build your virtual store block-by-block. Your customers can see each other’s virtual avatars in-store and communicate via a shared voice channel. After all, nothing beats going shopping with your best friends.

Wrapping up…

In a nutshell, Odyssey3D is a game-changer for SMBs. It makes your digital journey easier, from pocket-friendly plans to a hassle-free set-up-in-seconds

Don’t believe us? 

Try it for yourself below!