Are you ready to elevate your brand’s online presence with a captivating 3D Shopify store? Look no further! 

Having a virtual store is a game-changer for any Shopify website, regardless of what you’re selling. They’re incredibly engaging and super shareable, and they will undoubtedly attract a flood of visitors through your digital door. 

Sounds amazing, right? But how do you actually set up a 3D Shopify store?

1. Open the Shopify app store…

You’re not dreaming; you read the subheading right. To open a 3D virtual store, open the Shopify app store and type in ‘Odyssey3D’. Your store is now only a couple of steps away…

2. Hit ‘Download’

Go ahead and click ‘Install’ now. 

That’s right. There’s no extortionate download fee; it’s completely free! What are you waiting for?

3. Choose your plan

Once you’ve downloaded the app and smashed ‘Get Started’, the fun begins!

Let us introduce you to our current available plans, Odyssey3D Roam and Odyssey3D Forge

If you’re looking for a taste of what virtual stores have to offer, Roam is your launchpad into the metaverse. You’ll never look back. 

Take a look at what your store could look like with Roam:

Oh, did we forget to mention? It’s free. For $0/month, you can launch a ready-made virtual store adorned with your products and customised with your branding. 

If you’re after more advanced features and further creative control, Forge is your perfect match. Here’s what you can do when you upgrade to Forge: 

  • Upload 3D Models: WOW your customers by adding any 3D assets to your store design, whether it’s furniture, decor, or full-blown models of your products.
  • Add Ambient Music: Add your own soundtrack to capture your brand’s personality and give your customers a full sensory experience.
  • Customise the Interior: Play with colours and textures, transforming individual elements within your store to reflect your unique style. 
  • Custom-Select Products: Showcase your latest collection or prepare for the upcoming season by handpicking exactly which inventory you want to feature.

Still feeling torn between the options? There’s no rush. You can switch between plans at any time.

And if you’re curious to see these plans in action, check out this video comparing their features: 

4. Personalise your space

Let’s make your virtual store truly yours.

First things first, let’s showcase that beautiful logo!

Upload your brand’s logo and tagline, and we’ll do the rest of the work. For the best possible result, we recommend using a transparent background. 

Ready for the next step? Hit ‘Save Changes’!

5. Choose your layout

We understand that time is a precious commodity, especially when you’re an SMB owner. That’s why we’ve taken the hassle out of designing your store.We’re constantly creating new virtual stores that are suitable for any and all industries. All you have to do is choose…

Seeking an elegant, upscale space to sell your jewellery? Try Luxe Boutique. 

What about a modern, Dubai-inspired ambience? Look no further than White Sands.

The sky is not the limit, want a store floating around space? Say hello to Moonbase. 

Aaaah, so many choices! Need to choose quickly? No problem. Use our in-app filters to sort the layouts by theme or size so you can find your Cinderella fit. 

If you’d like to get a sneak peek at what your store would look like, simply hit ‘Preview Link’ next to your preferred layout. It’s shareable too, so you can gather feedback from friends and family before making a final decision!  

6. Perfect your design

As a Forge user, you can also customize your layout to suit your brand image. Select ‘Customize’ and you’ll be able to:

  • Choose your store’s music 
  • Upload any 3D assets 
  • Change the interior colours and textures 

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7. Hand-pick your products

Happy with how your virtual store looks? We’re almost there! Press ‘Select’ on the store you’re ready to go ahead with. 

If you’re a Roam user, continue straight on to step 8!

But for Forge users, it’s time to curate the inventory you’d like to display. Do you have a new summer collection you’d love to show off? It’s easy-peasy. Got thousands of products? Filter them by category for effortless selection. 

And if you’re feeling indecisive, don’t worry! You can also toggle auto-selection for randomised product displays, ensuring your store always feels fresh and dynamic. 

Remember, nothing is set in stone. You can return to the Odyssey3D dashboard at any time to make real-time adjustments. 

8. Add the 3D block to your website

Your virtual store is ready! How easy was that? 

The beautiful thing about Odyssey3D is that your 3D space doesn’t replace your website; it integrates into it as a website section. 

To add it to your website, follow these straightforward steps: 

  • Open your theme editor.
  • Hover over ‘Add Section.
  • Select ‘Odyssey3D’ from the apps tab.
  • Save your changes. 

You can personalise the app block so it seamlessly integrates into your website by adjusting its size, changing the cover image, and tweaking the text. 

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Wrapping up…

That’s all there is to it. 

Eight simple steps, and voila! You’ve got yourself a fully functional 3D Shopify store. 

We hope this guide has helped you elevate your e-commerce website to new heights. The possibilities for growth with Odyssey3D are endless. Here’s to the continued success of your Shopify store!