The Shopify app store is a beautiful place. 

It’s a treasure trove for your Shopify store’s success, but there are so many apps that it can be hard to know how to filter through them. 

But wait, we might just have stumbled upon a gem. 

Meet Odyssey3D

Have you heard of virtual stores

They’re not just standard online websites; they’re immersive 3D experiences that replicate the atmosphere of in-person shopping.

Picture this: 

You’re heading off on holiday in a couple of weeks, and you need to do some last-minute shopping. It’s 11 pm, so it’s too late to go into town – online shopping it is! 

You decide to treat yourself, so you quickly type in a search for ‘Luxury Resort Wear’ and open the first ten websites that pop up. 

After the 5th website, you begin to get bored of scrolling through thousands and thousands of 2D images… But something catches your eye. 

‘Enter our 3D virtual experience’. 

What’s that? You click the button, and a 3D world unfurls in front of you. Suddenly, you’re standing in a luxury resort, with sunrays beaming down on you, creating an ethereal light that shines onto the products displayed. 

You’re in awe… and you’re also adding everything to your cart because you can now really picture it on holiday. RIP to your bank account!

That’s a virtual store. But why did we just tell you all that? Because we want to introduce you to Odyssey3D, a diamond in the Shopify app store. 

The benefits of virtual stores

Let’s understand the multifaceted benefits of virtual stores so you can see why they’re essential to your e-commerce strategy. 

Personalised experiences: Virtual stores are very personal. Customers can explore your 3D space in privacy and feel like stars. They’re not crowded like in-person shopping experiences, and they’re not flat like standard online websites. Customers can explore your carefully curated atmosphere, and for them, your virtual store becomes an intimate experience. 

Convenience for customers: Like an online website, virtual stores prioritise convenience and comfort. Customers can shop from their homes, their offices, or wherever they get internet access. There’s no battling traffic, searching for parking spaces, or getting lost on the way. Virtual stores provide a hassle-free shopping experience, but they don’t have to sacrifice their immersive atmosphere like online stores do to supply it! 

Super shareability: Speaking of an immersive atmosphere, how many virtual stores have you been to? We can safely assume that the number you’re thinking is pretty low (if even a number at all!). So, imagine the shock customers experience when they enter into virtual stores. They’re totally new concepts that take the online shopping experience to a whole new level. The immersion engages and captivates customers in unique ways! 

Adaptability to trends: It’s difficult to adapt a website to flash trends, and it’s impractical and expensive to alter a physical store. But with a virtual space, there’s no limitations on what you can do. If you’re a pilates princess brand that wants to plaster giant bows all over the walls – go for it! Maybe you saw the Jaquemus bus-sized products campaign and wanted to do the same. With a virtual store, you can. 

Sustainability: Virtual stores only exist in the digital realm. That means your brand’s carbon footprint is significantly less when using a virtual store in place of a physical one. How? The energy-intensive activities related to using physical infrastructure are non-existent. There’s no water, heating or air conditioning required. And there’s absolutely zero transport emissions. 

So, why is Odyssey3D the best Shopify app for virtual stores?

Effortless set-up: Don’t panic; you don’t have to build a virtual store from scratch! Odyssey3D is perfect for the busy SMB owner with little time to spare. It seamlessly integrates into your website as a flexible app block, and with a 4-step set-up, it can literally be set up within minutes… even seconds if you want to race through! 

Looking for a guide on how to set Odyssey3D up? Check out this blog: How do I create a 3D Shopify store?

Industry-appropriate: Whether you’re in the automotive, tech, or fashion industries, our ever-expanding range of virtual store interiors ensures that there’s always an option for everyone. Not everyone has the precious time, energy or skillset required to meticulously design a virtual store, which is why Odyssey3D’s ready-made virtual stores are the perfect solution. No start-from-scratch design hassle here! 

Customisable: If you do want to switch up and design your virtual store, you can! Odyssey3D Forge has a range of design tools you can use to create your dream space. You can set the mood for your store with ambient music, use your own textures and colours, custom select your products and upload 3D brand assets to be displayed! Cool, right?

Auto-product linking: There’s no need to manually input the products you’d like to display on the app. They’re already there, waiting to be purchased! Whenever you add new products to your Shopify store, Odyssey3D automatically updates to reflect your changes in real-time.

How much does Odyssey3D cost?

Wanna know an extra reason why Odyssey3D is the BEST

It’s FREE! 

Odyssey3D Roam, the base plan, costs approximately $0 a month. 

And for only $10 a month, you can unlock a whole lot of special design tools with Odyssey3D Forge. It’s a no-brainer!

Wrapping up…

So why is Odyssey3D a diamond in the Shopify app store? Because it’s a FREE one-stop solution for setting your store apart from the crowd and boosting Shopify sales

Odyssey3D and virtual stores, in general, offer unparalleled benefits to SMBs wanting to elevate their online presence. 

With seamless integration, a speedy set-up, and an array of customisable features, Odyssey3D transforms traditional websites into immersive 3D experiences that will capture the hearts of your customers. 

Go on, why not experience its benefits for yourself?