That’s right—you heard us correctly. With Shopify, you have the power to create and display your products in a 3D virtual store, all at your fingertips. 

But what do we mean by 3D virtual store? 

Let’s clarify it: 

A virtual store is a digital recreation of in-person shopping. It uses 3D immersive technology to replicate the engaging feeling of being in a physical store. 

Sounds cool, but what does it actually look like? 

We don’t need to tell you. We’ll show you. 

The rise of 3D virtual stores

Traditional online shopping experiences often rely on static images and text descriptions to showcase their products. 

There’s nothing wrong with this, but…

It’s just not that engaging. It leaves customers with limited information that they’ll probably forget as soon as they close the tab. 

But with 3D virtual stores, businesses can create immersive, branded environments that leave a real impact on their visiting customers and allow them to visualize products in a more lifelike manner. 

How cool does that sound?

The benefits of 3D virtual stores

Before we jump into how to set one up, let’s talk about the benefits…

1. Enhanced product visualisation

How are products presented in 3D stores? Businesses have a choice. 

Like a normal website, you can present 2D pictures of your images in a virtual store, but you can position them within a dynamic 3D space.

But the beauty of a 3D store means that you can also present your products in 3D. This enables customers to view your products from multiple angles and perspectives. They can gain a better understanding of what they’re buying before they buy it—ultimately reducing return rates! 

2. Improved engagement and interactivity

3D virtual stores keep customers engaged and entertained throughout their shopping journey. Why? Because they’re so interactive! 

Customers have to navigate around a 3D space, as they would in a physical store… except there’s a twist. 3D virtual spaces aren’t confined creatively by any physical constraints. You have the freedom to present your brand in any crazy way that you wish. 

When was the last time you visited a shop floating around the galaxy? We’re going to take a wild guess and say never!

3. Differentiation and brand identity

And if you did so happen to have visited a shop on the moon, you’d remember it, right? 

So customers are bound to remember the crazy experience they had in your virtual store. 3D spaces offer businesses a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves from the crowd as well as establish a more solid brand identity. 

If your brand’s no.1 selling point is that you’re eco-friendly and sustainable, why not turn your virtual space into a flourishing forest so you can really hammer that point home! 

ESSENTIAL Shopify tips!

4. Global reach and accessibility

With a 3D virtual store, your brand can reach customers worldwide regardless of location. 
It doesn’t matter whether they’re in the middle of the Amazon or on the outskirts of New York. Your virtual store is accessible to everyone – so that’s far more customers for you!

How to integrate a 3D virtual store with Shopify…

Let’s get to the good bit. We know you wanna know the secret to unlocking the magic of 3D e-commerce, so we’ll tell you.

1. Open the Shopify App Store

You’re basically halfway there. Open the Shopify App Store and type in ‘Odyssey3D’.

2. Hit download

Don’t be shy… It’s free! Once you’ve downloaded the app, open the Odyssey3D dashboard.

3. Customise your space

Now for the mega fun part. Making your 3D space look amazing! 

Check out this detailed guide on making the most out of Odyssey3D Forge.

4. Launch your store

We can read your mind: Hang on – that only took 2 minutes… that can’t be right? 

Odyssey3D was made for busy SMB owners with little time to waste. You can literally set up a virtual store in seconds. How great is that!

Wrapping up…

Integrating a 3D virtual store into your Shopify website offers a multitude of benefits.

And with an Odyssey3D store, you can access improved engagement, brand differentiation and boosted sales, all for free! 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Download Odyssey3D now…