Are you frustrated with your lack of Shopify store engagement? Wondering why you’re not hitting your sales targets?

In a crowded marketplace, it’s vital that you maximise your store’s potential. So, it might be time to take a closer look at your e-commerce strategy.

In this blog, we’ll tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong with your Shopify store… 

And how to fix it!   

1. You’re neglecting the power of 3D e-commerce

Are you still solely relying on traditional product images to showcase your merch? STOP! 

It’s 2024. Customers crave immersive and interactive experiences. Websites that make them go, WOW!

Virtual stores are the key to setting your store apart. 

What’s a virtual store, you ask? We’ll show you:

You’re looking for a new blazer for a wedding this weekend. It’s 11 PM, and you don’t have the time to go into town. So, online shopping it is! 

You type ‘Luxury Blazers’ into the search bar and open the first few websites that pop up, switching between tabs every time you get bored. On the final tab you open, you’re whisked away into a luxurious boutique. 

You’re not looking at more static 2D product images. You’re standing in a carefully crafted virtual store that embodies the exact feeling that you wanted the blazer to evoke. 

It’s so real that you forget you’re shopping from the comfort of your bed. You feel like royalty. 


That’s a virtual store. Cool, right?

So, how can you add this 3D magic to your Shopify store? 

Odyssey3D is a free Shopify plug-in that integrates a fully functional 3D store into your existing 2D website. You can set up a virtual store in seconds. It really is that simple.

And if you’re not convinced enough already, let’s walk through some of the benefits that having a 3D store will bring: 

  • The best of both worlds: Virtual stores provide the immersive experience that physical stores bring without losing the convenience and comfort of online shopping. 
  • Cost efficient: Brick-and-mortar stores drain your bank accounts. Rent, staff, heating, water, cooling… The list of expenses never runs out. Odyssey3D stores are free to set up, and free to run. 
  • Highly shareable: Virtual stores provide a more captivating, engaging experience for your customers that will keep them on your website for longer. It gets people talking. That’s free word-of-mouth marketing! 

What are you waiting for?

2. You’re not leveraging social proof

Your store might be designed to perfection. Your products might be the catch of the century. But if you’re not leveraging social proof, you might have a hard time getting customers over the line. 

As an SMB, you face unique challenges in winning over customers compared to larger, more established companies. With fewer resources and a smaller brand presence, you have to work even harder to convince potential buyers to choose you over the competition. 

You know your brand is legit, but how do your customers know? 

You know your products are fire, but how can your customers tell? 

Social proof. 

Think about it. When did you last make a purchase without reading any reviews or seeking recommendations from friends and family? 

Showcase your customer testimonials, reviews, and social media mentions on your Shopify store. Let your customers do the talking! 

Instead of struggling to code a review section yourself, use Shopify plug-ins like ‘Air: Product Reviews app & UGC’ and ‘Loox Product Reviews & Photos’. These apps make it easy for customers to leave reviews and display them on each of your specific product pages. 

On average, consumers will read 10 reviews before deciding whether to purchase a product. So why not put the evidence right in front of them? Don’t let them leave your website to do the research! 

3. You’re ignoring mobile optimisation

We use our mobile phones for everything: checking emails, texting friends, and doomscrolling social media… So, it’s only natural that we shop for them, too. 

It’s easy to build, design and launch a Shopify website on a desktop and forget that it’s not just the desktop website customers will see. 

Because here’s the thing. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you could be turning away a significant portion of potential customers. 

Make sure you take the time to review your store’s design and functionality on different mobile devices. 

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Is it loading quickly? 
  • Are the buttons big enough to click?
  • Are all the links clickable? 
  • Is it easy to navigate?

Make your website phone-friendly. Don’t let your mobile optimisation slip through the cracks! 

Wrapping up…

How’s your Shopify store looking now? Have you completed the checklist?

  • Check your store’s mobile phone compatibility 
  • Display your social proof
  • Set up a virtual store with Odyssey3D

Don’t let these 3 common mistakes prevent you from reaching your full potential in e-commerce! 
Set your Shopify store up for success.